Complaints Redress




Redress your complaints at the Consumer Forum (CFM) with companies that provides communication services to you in Malaysia. This includes mobile, internet, tv and radio companies.

We are a self-regulatory and independent body designated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM), the Malaysian communications industry regulator. As a consumer, it is your right to get satisfactory services from your Service Provider. Consumers can use our services free of charge.

Making A Complaint

your rights

Your Rights
As a consumer it is your right to get satisfactory services from your service provider. read more
how we can help

How We Can Help
If your Service Provider did not resolve your complaints satisfactorily. read more

When We Can Help
Before CFM can become involved in a complaint about a Service more

What We Can And Cannot Do
What we can and cannot do is set out in our General Consumer Code (GCC).read more

Self-Manage Your Complaint

how to complaint

How To Complaint
You can make a complaint by simply clicking on the ‘Make a complaint’ button on this page. read more
what is cop

What Is CoP
CFM Online Complaints Portal (CoP) is an unresolved complaint management system with an objective. read more
how to register for a cop account

How To Register for A CoP Account
This guide describes how to get started using CFM Complaint Portal or CoP. read more
the complaint cycle

The Complaint Cycle
As a guide, you are advised to refer complaints to your Service Provider first. read more
what happens after my complaint has been lodged

What Happens after my complaint has been lodged
CFM will acknowledge and issue you a le reference number within 1 to 3 working days. read more

Information on Our Complaints Management

how we handle complaints

How We Handle Complaints
Complaints That We Deal With
A complaint takes in effect from the time a consumer raised a dissatisfaction over the Quality of Service to the Service Provider. read more
complaints that we deal with

Complaints That We Deal With
An Appropriate Resolution
Although we’d like to extend our assistance as much as possible, there are some areas of complaints which we cannot accept. read more
an appropriate resolution

An Appropriate Resolution
We work within the set time limits as mentioned in the GCC so it is important that we know as soon as possible whether a consumer accepts or declines a recommendation. read more
making it right

Making It Right
Where we find that the Service Provider has not acted correctly, we will recommend what it should do to make things right. read more
accepting cfms resolution

Accepting CFM's resolution
A consumer has a total of 30 working days within the CFM-COP mediation for resolution redress cycle to accept a final decision. read more
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